About Us

Camino Financial is a data-driven financial technology platform pioneering affordable credit and financial products for U.S. Latinx businesses. The company uses proprietary artificial intelligence software to aggregate data and build machine learning models to drastically reduce financing costs for thin-file, cash-based microenterprises. First-time borrowers typically experience monthly payments 50% less than those of existing credit products in the market for the same loan size. Microloans range between $5,000 and $75,000, structured for upward mobility with a graduation scheme into lower rates and longer-term loans as borrowers make timely repayments. Camino Financial has designed an omnichannel experience through its online presence and corporate partnerships to build entrenched distribution networks in the U.S. Latinx market. The Company is headquartered in Los Angeles and operates another office in Mexico City.

Our Cultural Values


Can I lean on an associate once he or she has been assigned a task or a responsibility?


Attitude to get hands dirty with data and support any claims and rationale with numbers.


Be a creative problem solver, even when you have little to spare.


Put yourself in other's shoes.